Edging: Everything You Need to Know

Edging is a sexual techique that can be practiced solo or with a partner. How to start? What are the benefits? Is it safe? Everything you want to know about edging.

What is edging in sex?

Edging is a sexual technique of controlling your orgasm. The goal of edging is to delay an orgasm while staying highly aroused for an extended period of time.

Practicing edging involves stopping yourself from reaching an orgasm and balancing on the edge of climax. It can be practiced solo during masturbation or together with a partner during sex or petting.

Everything you need to know about edging in sex

How to do edging?

Trying edging alone

  1. Prepare your environment and get in a mood. Play some music and get comfortable on bed / on a sofa.
  2. Start masturbating. You can do it with hands or using sex toys. Observe your body and your reactions to different type of stimulation and different tempo. Take your time and don’t rush.
  3. When you feel you’re getting close to orgasm, slow down or stop the stimulation completely.
  4. Cool off for a few seconds and reduce your arousal slightly. Take a few calm, deep breaths, relax your body.
  5. Start masturbating again and stop whenever you feel you’re about to come. Then start masturbating again. You can do as many cycles as you like.
  6. When you feel you want to come, allow yourself to reach an orgasm.

Trying edging with partner 

  1. First you need to agree the cue you’re partner is going to give you when they’re getting close to an orgasm.
  2. Start a foreplay and slowly begin having sex / petting / handjob / playing with toys or whatever stimulation that you like.
  3. When your partner is close to reachig an orgasm, stop stimulation or slow down.
  4. Take a break, give them a few seconds to relax and cool down. If you’re not sure when they’re ready to start again, ask them to let you know.
  5. Start the stimulation again. You can do as many cycles as you both like.
  6. When your partner wants to reach an orgasm, stimulate them until they come. Notice that after edging, orgasms can be much longer, so make sure not to stop stimulation too quickly and allow them to fully receive their orgasm.

When trying edging with your partner, you can have a really long sex / petting session with extended breaks. During breaks you can give each other sensual massage or just cuddle and relax.

You can also take turns in stimulation and edging. Give a few cycles for your partner and then take a break to receive stimulation and edging from them. And then take a turn again. This is the easiest to practice when you use your hands or have oral sex (instead of having classic sex).

Once you get some experience at edging with your partner, you can try mutual masturbation with edging and keep each other at the edge simultaneously.

What is edging in sex and how to do it?

Benefits of edging

Edging is a safe sexual practice that is very beneficial. Some of the most important benefits of edging:

  • Edging may give you better, strong, powerful orgasms and longer, more intense pleasure before an orgasm.
  • You can learn to control your body and allow yourself to experience orgasms fully
  • Edging is one of the ways to help men last longer during sex. It’s a helpful technique especially for those who come too quickly.
  • Edging is a good way to practice slow sex, learning about your body (and your partner’s body), having deeper intimacy and connection with your partner.
  • Edging can help you learn receiving pleasure from sex / stimulation without rushing to an orgasm and without focusing on reaching the goal.
Benefits of edging in sex

Edging during an erotic massage

Edging can also be a part of an erotic massage. Orgasm control is one of ways you can make your massage even more spicy.

After a relaxing massage of whole body, masseuse can start a handjob (or oral sex) and keep you on the edge for a very long time.

Taking a break to relax and get some soothing sensual massage is a good way to make the edging session last longer. Edging session finished with Lingam massage (with warm oil and skin-to-skin contact) can make you reach an extremely strong orgasm.

Edging session with an escort

If you’d like to try an edging session (regular or during massage), get familiar with my main page in the link below and contact me to set up a date.

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