What is Swedish massage?

What is a Swedish massage and how can it benefit you? How I use Swedish massage for my erotic massage sessions.

What is Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage, known also as Classic Massage is the most popular massage in the Western world and is a foundation of many massage treatments.

Swedish Massage is a full-body massage performed with a use of oil. The recipient of the massage usually lays on a massage table, bed or mat.

During the Classic Massage, the therapists uses his hands and forearms to perform various techniques such as effleurage, friction, petrissage or tapotement.

What is Swedish Massage? Warsaw Erotic Masseuse Explains

How Swedish Massage can benefit you

Swedish masage is often used for relaxation and stress-relief, but it can have many health benefits as well.

Swedish massage helps relieve muscle tention and pain. It improves blood circulation and boosts lymphatic dreinage which helps the body regenerate and detoxify easier. Massage also boosts immunity and improves the skin, making it nourished and moisturised.

Swedish massage when received regularly can improve your well-being, energy level during the day and your sleep .

How I use Swedish massage for my erotic massage sessions

Swedish Massage techniques are the base of all my massages. Additionally I use my favourite techniques from other massage types to give the client the best, customized massage.

What I love about the Swedish Massage is that the tempo, intensity and pressure of the techniques can be adjusted to the client and used for both, a very delicate relaxing massage, as well as for the deeper regenerative massage.

Swedish massage techniques are great for relaxing massage and even sensual massages. Classic massage gets the client into a relaxed, blissful, calm state which is a perfect intro into a sensual massage and happy ending.

Swedish Massage combined with intimate massage, Nuru massage and sensual techniques make a soothing, arousing and satisfying experience for the client.

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