Clients’ Questions: Should I groom Intimate Parts before Erotic Massage?

Clients often ask if they should shave their intimate parts before getting an erotic massage. Is depilation necessary before sensual massage?

Depilation before erotic massage

Erotic massage is a unique type of session. During an erotic massage the whole body is massaged and the session is finished with a happy ending – a massage of intimate massage or even oral sex / classic sex. That’s why many clients wonder if they should shave / depilate before getting an erotic massage.

So is it expected from the client to shave before the sensual massage?
No. I do not expect clients to remove hair or shave their intimate parts. It is obviously expected that the client is clean and neat, but removing hair is not expected (and has nothing to do with being clean). Everybody is allowed to keep their hair the way they like – natural, groomed or totally removed.

So here it is. Simple question and quick answer. If you’d like to find out How To prepare for an erotic massage or you want to know the 5 Things You Should NEVER Do Before Erotic Massage, make sure to read my other posts.

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Should I shave intimate parts before an erotic massage?

Erotic massages in Warsaw

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Sensual massage in Warsaw with Nicole Kaminski

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