FAQ: Erotic Massage For Beginners

Everything you need to know about erotic massage as a beginner

As a beginner you probably have many questions about erotic massage. In this post I’m answering the most popular questions asked by clients who are not experienced in getting erotic massages. If you’d like to find out more about Nuru massage, check out the post dedicated to the Nuru massage: FAQ: Nuru Massage For Beginners.

What does erotic massage look like?

During erotic massage we are both naked. Usually erotic massage starts with a full body Swedish massage that allows you to relax. After the relaxing massage, there’s the time for the more sensual part.

Depending on the massage type, the happy ending may involve a Lingam massage or something more sensual, like oral sex, kisses, classic sex (the GFE style happy ending).

If you’d like, the session may start with a joint shower or bath. Some of the sessions may also involve mutual massage.

If you’re new to massages make sure to check out this post: Relaxing Massage vs Erotic Massage – Differences You Must Know

How to behave during erotic massage?

I recommend that during the first part of the session you stay more passive. Focus on yourself, calm down, slow down and just relax.

During the erotic part of the session you may get more active. Depending on the massage type, you can touch me, kiss me or give me a massage as well.

FAQ erotic massage for beginners | Warsaw Erotic Massage

What's allowed and not allowed during erotic massage?

That really depends on the massage session you chose.

In some of the basic session it’s expected that you stay passive and enjoy receiving the massage and happy ending.

In more advanced sessions like Relaxation&Nuru or GFE massage you can enjoy mutual touch or even passionate kisses and mutual intimate massage.

Make sure to read the description of the session you’re interested in at this page: My sessions

Can I book an erotic massage if I'm inexperienced with women / I'm a virgin?

Of course! Erotic massage can be a valuable experience for every inexperienced man. If you are a virgin, it’s good that you let me know before the massage, so that I can adjust the session to your needs.

Is erotic massage a good way to lose virginity?

Erotic massage is a great way to lose virginity. You can read more about this in this post:
Why Erotic Massage is a Good Way to Lose Virginity.

Relaxing erotic massage in Warsaw

What type of erotic massage is the best for the first time?

That depends on what you’re ready for and what your boundaries are. If you feel you’re ready to try the full GFE massage experience, we can do that.

If you feel you might get a bit overwhelmed with the intensity of GFE massage, we can try something more soft – for example a relaxing massage with mutual touch and intimate Lingam massage at the end. For many men Lingam massage / handjob is even better than sex, so I’m sure you will enjoy this type of happy ending.

It might be that during the massage you get a bit more comfortable and you’d like to try something more. In that case we can always get more sensual.

How long should an erotic massage last?

I recommend booking at least 1.5h massage sessions. Long sessions are more relaxed, unrushed and they give you a better opportunity to deeply relax and experience more.

But if you have time only for a shorter session, you might want to look into the Back & Shoulders massage.

This 50-minute session focuses on releasing tension in your back, shoulders and nec and is finished with Lingam massage.

This session is a good choice if you want to maximise relaxing and sensual benefits of an erotic massage while having a shorter session.

What if I'm not able to come during the happy ending?

You don’t have to worry about that. The most important thing is that you ejoy the touch and that the massage is relaxing and pleasurable for you.

Don’t feel pressured to “perform well” during the massage. You don’t have to reach an orgasm and ejaculate – it’s just a nice addition to the whole sensual session.

What if I come too quickly during the happy ending?

That is fine. If you like the massage and caress and you get very aroused, you might come quickly, and that’s okay. I wrote more about that in this post: Clients’ Concerns: “What if I Come Too Quickly during an Erotic massage?”

If you don’t want to come that fast, we may slow down a bit and try to make it last longer. No pressure though, just go with the flow and enjoy it. Here you can read more about How to Enjoy a Lingam Massage without Coming Too Quickly

Can we have more than one happy ending during the erotic massage?

Sure. During the session we can have a happy beginning and a happy ending. This type of massage is perfect for men who get very aroused during massage and would prefer to have the happy beginnnig first to be able to relax better during the massage.

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