Virgin’s First Time Experience – Losing Virginity with Escort

If you're a Virgin who wants to experience their First Time with an escort, here's all you need to know about losing virginity and escort service for virgins.

Find out what VFTE is, who it’s adressed to and what you can expect at a VFTE date with me.

What is Virgin’s First Time Experience with an escort?

Virgin First Time Experience is an escort service for men who are virgins. VFTE is adressed to men who haven’t had sex yet or haven’t had any experiences with women.

Men who book this type of date may expect a flawless first time with a professional escort. Usually the Virgin’s First Time Experience is a date in a Girlfriend Experience style (that’s the style of my VFTE dates as well).

Losing Virginity to an Escort. Virgin's First Time Experience

Is it a good idea to lose virginity with an escort?

If you are a virgin, then meeting an escort to have your first time with can be a good choice. Especially if the idea of having your first time is stressfull for you and you find it hard to meet the right partner the traditional way.

Why you should book an escort as a virgin to experience your first time?

There are many advantages of booking an escort meeting as a virgin:

  • You get to experience your first time with someone professional and experienced, in a safe, healthy environment.
  • When meeting an escort, you may expect her to take the initiative, lead you and show you different things in sex.
  • You can adjust the date fully to what you expect. You can take it slow and enjoy the moment without rush or stress. You can plan your meeting and have your perfect First Time with your dream girl. And the best thing is – sex is guaranteed.
  • On a meeting with a professional escort you can talk openly about your sexual preferences, fantasies and concerns.
  • You have an opportunity to learn more about woman’s body, you can explore your own body and your needs, as well as improve your dating skills like kissing, giving pleasure to woman etc.
  • You can enjoy a true Girlfriend Experience without any commitments. That’s actually one of the main Reasons Why Men Date Escorts. So if you’re a man who is not interested in private dating or relationships, dating escorts is a perfect solution for you.
Virgin's First Time Experience with an escort. First Time Sex with escort

Is there something similar as VFTE for inexperienced men who are not virgins?

If you are not a virgin, but you’re still inexperienced man, you can book a Girlfriend Experience escort date. If you’d like the escort to guide you or show you certain things in sex, you can ask her if that’s something she provides. A date like this can be very similar to Virgin’s First Time Experience.

Losing virginity with escort - what does it look like?

What to Expect - Girlfriend Experience Escort for Virgins

VFTE is a date in a Girlfriend Experience style – it’s like a date with your girlfriend or a close friend – but it’s even less stressfull and more flawaless.

VFTE may be just an hour meeting that focuses mainly on sex and “deflowering” or it can be an extended date with some social time. I strongly recommend booking at least a 1.5h-2h meeting if you’re a virgin – experience like this should not be rushed.

Social Date - Escort Service for Virgins

When it comes to social time, we can have a dinner date / lunch date or cocktail date before or after our bedroom time. Many gentlement prefer this format of a date, to have the full dating experience and to get comfortable with each other before having sex.

First Time Having Sex with an Escort

When we get to our private time in bedroom, we can start with a little conversation about your expectations, likes and dislikes. Then we can get closer and just go with the flow.

A VFTE date involves passionate kisses, affectionate sex, oral sex, cuddling… We can also take a shower or bath together to relax a bit or I can give you a sensual massage. And if you have energy for more, we can have fun again. Multiple fulfillments can be a part of the VFTE date too.

Virgin's First Time Experience - escort service for virgins, first time, losing virginity with an escort

How much does the escort meeting for virgin cost?

To see the prices of my GFE dates, please visit my main Escort Dates page. VFTE meetings don’t have a seperate pricing and there are no extra costs. You just pay the regular rate.

First Time with an escort - first sex with escort girl

How to book an escort for your First Time as a virgin?

If you’d like to have your first time with an independent escort in Warsaw, get familiar with my website, check out my Girlfriend Experience page and contact me to schedule Your Dream First Time.

And if you want to find out more about escort meetings, sex or sensual massage, make sure to check out my Escort Blog.

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