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Erotic Massage vs Relaxing Massage – the Differences You Must Know

What is the difference between Erotic Massages and non-erotic Relaxing Massages? Everything you should know.

Differences between Erotic Massages and Non-Erotic Relaxing Massages

While relaxing massages and sensual massage have  a lot in common, there are some key differences between them. Here are the biggest difference between non-erotic relaxing massages and erotic massages.

  • purpose
    The purpose of Relaxing Massage is getting the client in a relaxing state and reducing tention and soreness in his body. Sensual Massage provides relaxation and may focus on improving the body condition as well (depending on the massage type  and masseuse), but additionally the purpose of Erotic Massage is to arouse the client and give him sexual pleasure and fulfillment. Erotic Massage is also an opportunity to explore your sexuality and learn what type of stimulation gives you pleasure.
  • location
    Relaxing Massage usually takes place in spa / massage studio, hotel spa or at client’s home. Erotic Massage may take place in more private places like masseuse’s apartment, client’s hotel room or it can also be provided in an erotic massage parlour.
  • massage table or a mat
    During a Relaxing massage, client usually lays on a massage table. Erotic Massages are usually done on a massage mat or a regular bed adjusted for the massage purposes.
  • massage room
    Massage Rooms used for Relaxing Massages and Erotic Massages can be very similar. The only significant difference is that in Erotic Massage room there are often big mirrors set all around the massage mat.
  • atmosphere
    During a relaxing Massage the atmosphere is very relaxing, however it’s rather formal / professional. During an Erotic Massage the atmosphere typically is more informal, relaxed and intimate.
  • clothing
    During Relaxing Massage the massage therapist is fully clothed. The client may wear his underwear or be covered with a towel. During Erotic Massage typically both, the masseuse and the client are fully naked. In some cases, the masseuse can be topless or can be wearing lingerie.
  • massaged body parts
    During a Relaxing Massage, the masseuse massages almost the whole body of her client – the intimate parts are not touched by the masseuse. During an Erotic Full Body Massage, the masseuse takes care of literally whole body, the client is massaged from head to toes (unless he prefers not to include some body parts).
  • techniques
    Techniques used for both massage types can be very similar. Often the Relaxing Massage and Erotic Massage are based on the Swedish Massage techniques. Additionally Erotic Massage uses techniques like body-to-body massage and obviously many techniques of intimate massage during the Lingam Massage.
  • tempo & touch
    When getting an Erotic Massage, you might notice that the tempo of massage is much slower and calm and the touch is more sensual than during a Relaxing Massage. 
  • involvement
    During a Relaxing Massage the client stays passive and receives massage without any involvement. During some Erotic Massages  the client can get a bit more active and, for example, enjoy mutual touch, mutual massage etc.
  • masseuse qualifications
    Qualifications of the masseuses providing Relaxing Massages and Erotic Massages can be quite similar. It’s true that erotic massage salons often don’t invest in giving the erotic masseuses the proper training. However, in both fields – relaxing massage and erotic massage – you can find qualified and unqualified masseuses providing professional or amateurish massages. It’s all about your choices and doing a good research to find the masseuse that meets your expectations.
  • masseuse/masseur gender
    When getting a Relaxing massage, clients often don’t choose the therapist or the therapist’s gender doesn’t play a big role. In Erotic Massages however, the clients choose the therapist’s gender based on their sexual preferences and sexual orientation. The gender in Erotic Massages has a significant role.
  • price
    Usually the price for Erotic Massage is much higher than the price for Relaxing Massage. The price difference gets bigger when you consider highly erotic massages like Nuru or GFE massage – those are the most expensive erotic massages.
  • payment
    Typically clients pay for the Erotic Massage after the session. The payment for an Erotic massage is expected before the session – that’s a common practice in erotic massages and other erotic services as well.
  • legal status
    While Relaxing Massages are legal almost everywhere all around the world, Erotic Massages sadly are illegal in some countries (just like other forms of sex-work).
    Side note: In Poland, where I work, erotic massages are fully legal <3
Erotic Massage vs Relaxing massage - What's the difference?

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